Having spent my teen years and university education firmly planted in my very practical and logical left brain, I decided for a while that coaching the “soul” was not enough, was not serious enough, and I sought more credentials for helping people in a way that didn’t perhaps sound so, um, unusual or mystical. So I became certified in a type of life coaching called “Strategic Intervention,” which was developed in part by personal development titan Anthony Robbins along with psychotherapist Chloe Madanes. “Strategic” sounded much more left-brain, and “Intervention” much more serious! While much of the work was drawn from psychology, which is an imprecise “science” at best, surprisingly, Robbins sometimes uses techniques that involve visualization, meditative journeys, physical movement such as anchoring techniques (from NLP), and archetypal role-playing, to connect with deeper parts of you beyond your logical mind. So, I have drawn on what resonates from that field of study and have let go of some other aspects. I discovered that much of what I practiced as a Soul Coach was equally as helpful in doing inner work that was self-affirming and empowering.