Are you a searcher? A frustrated creative? Are you missing something in your life but not sure what that is? Feeling disconnected from life, your sense of self?

Or perhaps at mid-life, you’re having a feeling of “waking up” from a sleep, recognizing you’ve been on autopilot for a long time. How do you figure out what you really value and begin to create a life that means something to you?

I provide tools and insight to help you break through that frustration and uncertainty, to feel more clarity, direction, creativity, and peace of mind.

I reconnect you to the sacred in every day.

Through personal coaching, creative exercises,  and/or intuitive painting workshops, we can explore what is calling you, to help you find clarity, self-awareness, and a sense of connection to yourself and to your inner (or higher) guidance…the guidance of the heART.

I call it “Creating Your Life as a Work of HeART” because, although we don’t create the circumstances we are born into or many of the life events outside us we encounter, we do create, often unconsciously,  how we experience what the world brings to us every day.

Each day you step up to the “canvas” of your life and metaphorically paint your beliefs and expectations and desires on it. If you are not coming from your heart and the deeper knowing it holds, you might not like what ends up on your canvas. Soul Coaching® and other methods I use can help you get in touch with that part of you who knows, and support you in creating that heart-led life.

We can also simply kick-start your creativity, especially in my painting workshops. And that in itself can open you to a wonderful new way of experiencing your life!

With the additional offering of relaxing Reiki healing treatments, and uplifting art for your home, I have you covered, in mind, body, & spirit!


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