Drawings, Doodles, Paintings, Photography, Writing, & Workshops.

My mission is to share the beauty and wonder I see in the world through my very personal and heart-felt lens.

Sometimes it is expressed by photographing the beauty I see in nature and occasionally human-made landscapes.

Sometimes I draw on inner landscapes and visions through intuitive paintings.

Sometimes I just play with simple drawings and doodles in ink and watercolour, either from life or playing with patterns.

My writing tends to be in the genre of personal essay or purposeful memoir, reflecting on my own life experiences and the world around me. More personal stories are usually on my older blog, Soulful Ground. Articles about the creative process more relevant to this site are found in the blog here.

And my Mary Doodle cartoons, while often funny, can also be poignant or slightly world-weary observations about what’s going on in my life and society. You can also follow her on my facebook page, A Mary Doodle Life.

It sounds like a lot but it’s really just the creative output of a very sensitive observer who feels pulled in many directions to express what moves me. And so much moves me.

I offer these “Works of heART” to you, in case maybe they’ll move you too. I hope they help you notice the beauty and wonder around you and within.

And my workshops, when I get around to reviving them post-pandemic crisis, are about helping you find that creative spark within yourself, usually through an intuitive painting process, but sometimes also through other creative means.

In this web site you can peruse my works for sale on my Gallery Shop, and check out my blog. When workshops are available they’ll be posted under the Workshops tab. I also share info on books, materials, and other web sites and products I recommend under the Resources tab.