Painting as process and as a spiritual journey ~ Connecting with ancestors.

Welcome to my new blog on Beware! I am not known for brevity. If you are up for longer, heartfelt reads, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and settle in! Before today’s topic, some background. I have been pondering for two years now what to do with the blog on this site, whether to use it at all, or to continue blogging on my personal site Soulful Ground (which has languished a bit lately). Soulful Ground was the space for my (often) very personal musings inspired by life on our former property outside of town. There we were surrounded by acres of forest, fields and gardens, chickens and wildlife. That blog was about my personal spirituality influenced by nature, gardening, and my experiences as a coach. I have been a bit stymied as how to approach that blog since we moved into town here, Read More