What are you seeking?

In a broad sense, coaching is helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching can be for sports, business, theatre, relationships, or really any area of life. My area of focus relates to your inner life, your heart and soul, and helping you align that inner life  with what you are doing in your outer life, so that you feel more peaceful and fulfilled.

We explore ideas and your personal intentions through honest conversation and meditative journeys in a confidential and unbiased container. At the core of coaching is a belief that you are resourceful, and have what you need within you. We just need to uncover that and get you reconnected to yourself, connected to your heart and soul, so that you can make choices that align with that. When you are out of alignment it is harder to make good decisions for your life and you may feel generally uneasy or frustrated.

I am neither therapist nor mentor, although I may teach from time to time. I have many experiences and insights from being on my own path of personal self-discovery for many years, and have taken coach trainings to better know myself and to help others know themselves. This enables me to reflect to you what I see in you, and to give you tools, both practical and spiritual, to connect to the wisdom I know you already have within.

Many people are walking around living lives that do not feel like their own, and in the past,  I was one of them, both in terms of career and relationships. You may be operating on automatic pilot. It is natural, as we grow up we adopt the views, beliefs and habits of our childhood caretakers, our peers, our society, our media. For many it is all we know, and we all want to belong, to feel connected and accepted. So, we follow the program.

The problem is,  the programming is outdated, inherited from previous generations who lived in very different realities. So for many of us there comes a day when we start to wake up, and get the uneasy feeling that maybe we haven’t been quite “ourselves” for a long time. In fact, we may not be sure what our “self” is, just that it feels like something is missing in our lives.

It might be a longing to create or express something. It might be the need to play. It might be the need for that sense of connection to something “greater”, some kind of spiritual awareness. It might be the need to connect to the greatness inside ourselves. It’s all there, we’ve just forgotten.

If this sounds like you in any way, then I am here to help. As I am not a therapist, I am not going to analyze you and tell you what your “problem” is, nor will I tell you what “caused” it. While our processes may indeed offer some insight into your past helpful to learning what has been stopping you, we work facing forward, looking at where you want to go and offering tools and guidance to help you on your path. When you find that sense of inner alignment and peace, it is often the case that the needs in more specific areas of life become clearer or even fall away. There are always mentors and experts who can help you with the “how” to do something (build a business for eg. ) I am more focused on helping you find your “what” and your “why”. I will add, that there are many paths to inner peace, and in my experience, few quick fixes. We are complex beings. So I may also refer you to other resources, therapists, or healing modalities I am aware of or have found helpful personally.

As a coach I create a safe and accepting space for you to express yourself and be heard; and…

  • support your highest vision for yourself, without judgment;
  • listen deeply for the truth under your stories and question you to gain insight and clarity;
  • help you figure out what you really want;
  • help you see your blind spots & limiting beliefs, that might be holding you back;
  • can help you cultivate new habits as well as your sense of self and empowerment;
  • work with you on your mindset, and managing your energy to move forward;
  • elicit from you your own strategies and solutions, trusting in your own resourcefulness;

You are…

  • healthy, of sound mind, and ready to make a real commitment to yourself;
    (Coaching is NOT therapy or advice-giving!)
  • someone who wants to grow, find more peace in your life, and/or live more in alignment with your values; and/or
  • someone seeking to connect with or explore your own kind of personal spirituality; and/or
  • someone seeking to start or complete a project, to be creative, to find your passion or express yourself; and/or
  • someone who wants to step into their power in some way, with the impact of improving your relationships, productivity, or creativity.

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Email me to inquire or book an appointment.
NOTE: Due to Covid 19 I am not currently doing in-person sessions at the office, but am available online via Zoom conferencing.
Private sessions involving art/intuitive painting with coaching can be created in my back garden in town if desired, (weather permitting, and vulnerable to neighbour noise.)

Our First Session:

In our first session we will chat and explore what’s on your mind.  I have an intake form with detailed questions that will in itself help you to gain some clarity through self-examination. We will discuss that and may explore by way of a meditative soul journey, card reading/coaching, or just through a discussion.

While I draw from a number of methods and strategies, the following are some specific processes from my Soul Coaching® training that can be a “one-off” kind of process or experience that you can book as a single session (other than the Soul Coaching® 6-week program) to examine a particular issue.  In a longer coaching relationship we may also use soul journeys, past life journeys, and /or card readings as a part of our continuing exploration together as questions arise, along with other coaching tools, to help get you further along your path.

“Soul Journeys” are individual sessions to answer a question or find general guidance from your Soul or Spirit guides. Read more here...

“Past Life Journey” sessions (also known as “regressions”) offer perspective and insight into recurring themes we experience, explore possible past lives our soul may have experienced, with a view to asking “how can this inform my life NOW?” Read more here…

Oracle Card Coaching is kind of “speed-coaching”, where you pose your main issue or question and we draw clues and insights from the cards, and use our intuition to help you find clarity and tap into your own wisdom around the question at hand. I am not a fortune-teller. I may include cards in a regular coaching session, but you can also specifically request an oracle card coaching session for a more in-depth reading. Read more here…

Soul Coaching® as a body of work, created by teacher, healer and author Denise Linn, is a particular motivational and inspirational blend of coaching, meditation, and other creative, experiential techniques. They are designed to get in touch with who you really are, clear the clutter of your inner and outer life, and help you find your own truth.

I offer a 6-session Soul Coaching® Program based on her book “Soul Coaching ~ 28 Days To Your Authentic Self”.  This program is generally offered as a group program over a series of 6 sessions (weekly), but can also be facilitated as a private coaching program with more customization to your personal situation. Read more on the program here…

Important Disclaimer
Please be advised, Life Coaching, Soul Coaching®, Soul Journeys and Past Life Journeys, Creatively Fit painting workshops , and Reiki healing treatments are not therapy, I am neither a therapist nor a licensed counselor, and these processes are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition, physical, mental or emotional.  If you are under the treatment of a therapist or other mental health practitioner or on any medication for emotional or mental conditions you may be asked to obtain permission from said practitioner to embark on these processes, and if not being treated you will be asked to kindly sign a waiver stating so. –Mary Dixon