About Mary

Mary Dixon   Artist, Creatively Fit Coach, Soul Coach, and Reiki practitioner,

offers a unique blend of creativity, personal coaching, and spiritual support to help you navigate life with a greater sense of clarity, creativity, and sense of meaning and well-being.

Her mission:

To create a safe space for you to connect with and learn to trust your own inner guidance, some call it the voice of the soul, Mary calls it the heart’s wisdom. In this space you expand your idea of what’s possible for your life.

What that looks like:

Mary has learned that when she really followed her heart she made some of the best decisions of her life. And when she agonized, second-guessed, and had to make lists to justify a choice, the decisions were not so good. These lessons have been hard-won, affecting both career and relationship choices in the past.  And she is the first to admit that learning to trust and act on her inner knowing has taken a long, and somewhat painful, time.

When you find yourself stuck in some part of your life, she wants to help you past the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s”, along with your perfectionism and worries about what other people think. Mary helps you give yourself permission to express yourself, and connect with your truth, in a warm and accepting space.  She knows how our upbringing, societal influences, perhaps even past-life influences, can condition us to doubt ourselves. And when we don’t trust our own thinking, and fail to see possibilities, we inhibit our ability to make choices and to truly enjoy our lives.

So Mary is passionate  about sharing tools and practices with others that she has found helpful in finding her own way to more ease and fulfillment, so it won’t take so long for you. And she is also committed to focusing on beauty, gentle compassion (with yourself and others),  and authenticity (being true to yourself), as key values behind her work. She finds the sacredness in every day through expressing these values.

Keys to connecting with your heart:

One key to making that heart connection is in learning to slow down, and use ways to tune into that inner knowing. Then, we must practice those ways, making it a part of daily life. Finally, through that practice, we learn to trust the intuitive nudges we receive. Meditative practices, intuition-building exercises, and deep, guided inner journeys can be helpful for this. Creating personal ceremonies or rituals is a part of this too.  And creating a nurturing home-for-your-soul is another element that supports hearing your inner wisdom.

Another key to connecting with your heart’s truth is in expressing your creativity, activating the part of your brain that is more intuitive and imaginative, and less linear and fearful. Through creative activities such as doodling, writing, and intuitive painting, we can connect with another level of self-awareness. These processes let us tap into the language of symbols and metaphors that provide insight into who we really are and what we really want for our lives. Here, the creativity is more about the process and what we discover through it, rather than worrying about producing a work of art.

Works may be a delightful by-product, but Mary doesn’t really teach how to paint or write. She offers ways for you to BE. Creative exercises such as in our “Into the HeART of You” painting workshops, build courage in stepping up to the blank canvas; connection, by sharing the experience with others; a sense of calm, by giving you the opportunity to see how painting as a practice can be meditative, focusing your energy; and clarity, in developing self-awareness through what comes up intuitively in the process of painting and in guided meditations.

The objective:

For you to live a life that feels purposeful, aligned with your own values, courageous, creative, expressive, and authentic.  When you live in accordance with your values, expressing yourself, and seeing the sacred in every day, you can experience more peace and fulfillment. And that gives you a better ability to navigate the inevitable challenges and upheavals that come with being human. And the more you exercise your creativity, the more you are able to see possibilities, imaginative solutions, and a big-picture view of situations you may encounter.

The tool kit:

1. Mary’s tools include firstly, creative processes, such as intuitive painting, doodling, and journalling.

2. Secondly, as a Soul Coach she facilitates deep inner journeys, guided meditations, and various coaching exercises to build self-awareness. Soul Coaching® also connects you to a more spiritual or mystical part of life, that “something greater” that shows you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

3. Thirdly, Mary teaches about working with the energy of your surroundings, with principles based in feng shui, space clearing, and good ol’ common sense.

4. Finally, she offers hands-on treatments in Reiki Ryoho (the Reiki sacred healing method). This assists your healing intentions through helping your body feel so deeply relaxed and supported. It is an opportunity to practice self-love and self-care by taking such nurturing time for yourself.

5. Oh, and she might just send you outside for a walk in a forest or on a beach as part of your homework! Or recommend a good book or two.

Mary offers both group workshops and retreats, as well as individualized coaching journeys or creativity sessions to explore questions in your life, help you walk a new spiritual or healing path, or just to unleash your suppressed inner artist.

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In case you need credentials:

Mary has a diverse background with many experiences and two university degrees (B.A. & LLB). Previous work includes a brief stint as a lawyer,  commercial and fine-art photographer for over a decade, and lavender farmer. As a photographer and occasional freelance writer, she has been published in newspapers, magazines, and had several solo and group exhibits at galleries in Nova Scotia.

Her own personal search to find her way to an authentic and fulfilled life has led to certifications in:

Soul Coaching® & Past Life Coaching (Denise Linn, International Soul Coaching® Institute 2008)

Advanced Reiki Training (Edward Howell, 2008)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Life Potential Developments, 2008)

Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui™(Inner Harmony, 2010)

Strategic Intervention Coaching (Robbins Madanes Training, 2013) 

Creatively Fit™ Coaching (Whitney Freya LLC, 2019)

Elements of all of these disciplines and more, including shamanic journeying, and various leadership trainings, inform her practice.

On a personal note:

Mary is a creator. Besides photography, she loves to write. Her sensitive observations about life, and vulnerable musings on her personal search for clarity and meaning, are offered in her blog Soulful Ground. Other writings relevant to this web site and her work will be in the blog on this website, marydixon.com.

And, after a lifetime “wishing” she could paint, she has begun! A year before joining the Creatively Fit Coaching program, she finally gave herself permission to mess about with acrylics on canvas. She loves the intuitive painting process which she now shares with students and clients.  Colourful, symbolic paintings now cover her walls, some eventually making it to her gallery page for sale as originals or prints.

She also draws with ink and watercolour. And that was preceded by a foray into cartooning. In 2015 she doodled a character who became “Mary Doodle, Rural Life Coach“. She even has her own book, “Stumbling Toward Enlightenment.” It is a light-hearted take on her own self-help and spiritual journey. Very occasionally, Mary Doodle appears on Facebook on her own page.

Also, Mary is an avid gardener. In 2018 she and her husband Edward moved from an expansive rural acreage to a tiny town lot. Downsizing from an open hilltop with large perennial beds, vegetable plots, and small lavender farm to a shady, fenced backyard, was a big challenge. But a small, green sanctuary is taking shape. She hopes to make it an intimate space for occasional summer painting workshops and art shows.

And at home, Mary totally enjoys life with Edward, dog Alfie, cats Leo and Spirit, and fairly frequent dinner guests.

Mary is a partner in Mosaic Healing Arts Institute with her husband Edward Howell (RMT and Teacher/Founder of Mosaic Reiki Ryoho).

Their office is located at Mosaic Healing Arts Institute at the Nurture Health & Lifestyle Centre in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. (Workshops and classes may be at at other locations as required, and some appointments may be held via Zoom conferencing.)

“If we are honest we know we already have most of the answers we are seeking locked away in our heads. Mary has the keys that help us release that information.” ~ S.A., Nova Scotia.