NEW Covid19 Protocols for Workshops & Coaching

WELCOME BACK, my heARTful Creators!! My it has been a long tough winter and spring. But new life is blooming and we are all coming tentatively out of our caves, with care and caution and consideration.

Some of you have been wondering about the resumption of my Into the HeArt of You intuitive painting classes, as well as soul coaching® courses and private sessions.

Here is my plan, in accordance with current guidelines from the province and in respect of  supporting the more restrictive guidelines being used by my husband and his colleagues at Mosaic Healing Arts and Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre (who have to work more closely with clients and cannot physically distance themselves.)


1. Art classes WILL resume very soon, in fact my “Rise Above” paint-your-wings class that was cancelled as a precaution  just before the Covid restrictions came down WILL be happening very soon, but it may already be full due to my reduced numbers. I believe I have three attending, I could accommodate one more at this point but will let you all know very soon in posts on my facebook page, Mary Dixon Works of Heart and Mosaic Healing Arts, and if demand warrants I will do it multiple times in small groups.

2. So, even though we may have up to 10 gather now,  which means my usual maximum of 9 students, due to space constraints for physical distancing and simply considering the risk factors (more people x more time x less space = more risk), especially if indoors, I will be limiting classes to a maximum of 4 participants plus myself.
It also helps me control the sanitization of tools and not have to make cleaning too onerous while trying to teach and facilitate programs.

3. I would really love to hold these during the summer in our back garden here in the centre of town. It is pretty, with flowers and plants and cats and dog, maybe a bee or butterfly, for inspiration. We are enclosed by a fence, and we can spread out, so being outdoors, mostly facing our own canvases (and I have easels too, or tables), it is much lower risk. I would love to do this. There is a bit of shade under trees, an umbrella is available for one spot and the deck may be used which is shaded midday.

The challenge or caveat I have is two-fold:

a) I cannot guarantee that the neighbours will not be doing things like whipper snipping (usually short-lived but loud), possibly chatting outside,  or the kids playing (sometimes squealing). NORMALLY it is very quiet but we are bounded by neighbours on all sides and I have no control over them.

b) I cannot guarantee the weather, so the outdoor option requires some flexibility by all for a last-minute change of plans.

I CAN still use the big common room at Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre where our treatment office is located on King Street. There IS plenty of space for myself and 4 students to physically distance, but it is inside, with an air conditioning system, so that may feel riskier for some. But the facility is being scrupulously maintained by the massage therapists as per their protocol, so there should be minimal concern.

SO, PLEASE CONTACT ME if interested in these classes, and about your preference (indoor/outdoor) and flexibility on weather (possible change of plans) and possible noise interruptions should we do this outside.

I am also happy to offer individual sessions in my garden or private sessions for two or three friends upon request. Use of Kindred Spirits would be limited to weekends only, or possibly weekday evenings. In my garden, almost any day is possible, weather permitting!

4. Whichever way we do it, these changes will be in effect for the foreseeable future:

a) I will no longer provide snack food, it will be a bring-your-own snack or lunch policy. I WILL have lemonade, water, and coffee available, please bring your own mug or travel mug. I will do the pouring!

b) I will still provide Liquitex Basics acrylic paint, and I will distribute it onto your palettes when required rather than help-yourself, to minimize contact.

c) My stencils will still be available but after each use will have to be wiped and rinsed in a disinfectant solution before reuse by anyone else.

d) I can still provide brushes (a basic set per station) and will sanitize the handles with  disinfectant, but if you would be more comfortable bringing your own, please do, along with any other tools or stencils you might like. You must keep them at your own station and not share.

e) The “Rise Above” Paint Your Wings class will still be approximately 4 hours as it is a larger painting plus meditation time, but other classes on smaller canvasses will be shortened to a maximum of 3 hours for now.

f) Hand-washing or use of hand sanitizer upon arrival will be required. Hand sanitizer and paper towels will be provided.

g) Masks will not be required while painting, as we will keep our distance, but if you have one please bring it in case of discussion time or if you are more comfortable. I will do everything possible to keep us sitting or standing at least 2 meters apart at all times, even for discussion and meditations.

h) I had considered a slight reduction in price for not providing snacks but considering the extra effort and sanitization required by the protocols and the fact that practically speaking I am restricted to fewer participants given physical distancing requirements, the workshop price remains the same $75 incl hst for Rise Above, and will be $65 incl hst for 2.5 -3 hour workshops on smaller canvasses.

i) Lastly, even though this is just an art class and not a personal treatment, because I happen to live with a massage therapist who has to abide by strict protocols due to close contact, I am obliged in my relationship with him for our safety and that of his clients, to ask each participant to answer the same pre-screening questions he must ask. You must be free of these symptoms or conditions in order to attend. Find a downloadable questionnaire here that you must fill in and sign to be confirmed when you arrive at the workshop. Click the highlighted link to download and print. Thank you for your understanding.
Covid 19 Pre screening

Although this sounds restrictive at first, I think you will find that once you are settled into the flow of your paintings, your heart rate and mood will settle, your mind will open, and you will experience the sense of possibility this intuitive and intentional painting process provides. Certainly we all need an opportunity right now to get into that right-brained head-space where we can Rise Above the current fears and into a greater sense of possibility and hope. I hope you will get in touch!

Check out a video sample and more detailed information of our normal classes  right HERE.

I continue to offer private soul coaching®, which includes meditative soul journeys and past life journeys to inquire into what  you need to know about some aspect of your life. Journeys are a way of connecting with your higher guidance (details here). I prefer to do these in person in a controlled setting so I can observe you and maximize your experience, but it can by done via Zoom conference online provided you can create an appropriately private and peaceful sanctuary at your end for the call to take place. Technology of course has its limits and potential glitches,  so it is not ideal for journeys but we can still coach through dialoguing and other exercises. Sometimes I can bring in the oracle cards or doodling and soul scribbles, or a guided meditation to assist. I offer practical guidance and tools too to move you towards where you want to go.

Card reading (Oracle Card Coaching) is really just another kind of coaching session in my toolbox, except that we start with the intention of using card spreads to seek guidance or insight on an issue. I am not a fortune teller or medium, but rather use the cards as a intuitive tool , with dialogue, to help you move forward. Details here. This is easily facilitated via Zoom conferencing.


For the time being I will no longer be offering hands-on Reiki energy healing treatments. I can, however, offer distant healing sessions with Reiki if requested. This will involved a telephone call before and after to discuss the issue, with instructions from me to help you set up your space for the appointed time. Then you relax and enjoy.

Stay well everyone, we are doing our best to keep serving you and keep both you and ourselves well too! We thank you for your patience and cooperation, we cannot do this without our mutual care for each other.