Ancestral Healing



I am finally ready to let this painting go to someone else who might benefit from this.

I worked on this painting in the early winter of 2021. Feeling stuck, I used the intentional painting process to examine and release old programs, to heal my ancestral lineage of any pain and sadness that may have been passed on to us. Some people suggest that in the “spirit world” there is no time, so that it is possible to heal one’s ancestors so that this can then heal the lineage going forward, even to our so-called “spiritual descendants” for those of us who do not have actual children but influence others in myriad ways.

As always the painting evolved with no pre-planning and lots of layers. I actually painted entirely over another painting that had revealed a loving face looking at a sweet baby hidden inside a grumpy-looking being. It was a weird image but it spoke to me about the innocence we have inside of each of us and that we should love that. It was a good starting point in contemplation of this work.

The faces are, to me, representations of unconditional love. They are to remind you that you have a right to be here. You do not need to prove your worth or validate your existence. I enjoy just gazing at them one at a time, they feel really kind and accepting.  You could meditate on the faces close up as I did afterwards and see if any names come to you, and even ask them if they have any messages for you. It might surprise you.

The geometric form known as the Flower of Life, based on a shape called the vesica piscis, the overlap of two congruent discs or circles (which itself has many symbolic meanings) I see as a kind of web of life and interconnection through time and space. It suggests the replication of cells and the growth from one to many. 
Some say it encompasses both female and male properties. It is a sacred geometric design seen in many cultures the world over.

On the outside edge of the painting but concealed under the paint are the words:

“Ho’oponopono:  I’m sorry Forgive me Thank you I love you.

When we know better, we do better.

Each child is sacred.

With each breath, I heal my lineage, including my spiritual “descendants”.

In each breath and brushstroke, I heal the woundedness, sadness, and fear of my ancestors and myself, and bequeath only peace and love to my descendants.

May we be free of pain, and blessed with light and joyful and conscious hearts, for evermore. So it is.”

This painting was a very personal creation exercise but I believe it may also be helpful just to contemplate it, especially close up. Art has a way of emanating its own energy and intention into a space, it is really what all my work is about. It has helped me immensely on my own healing journey, I hope it might do that for you.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 36″ x 24″  ( 1.5 inch profile)
Ready to hang.

$500 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, provincial sales taxes/gst apply.

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