Renewal, emergence, expansion, growth, energy, joy, celebration… Fiesta!
This is what I was desiring when I started this painting. At first I had in mind a lotus blossom and wanted to do a lotus-like mandala, the idea of emerging from the muck we’ve been in with the pandemic, closed-down, worried, tired. But I was really craving a stronger energy, to be uplifted, awakened from pandemic lethargy, to feel open and joyful again after a tough, locked-down year. The lotus became a bit more of a party!! A fiesta of tropical colours! I hope it brings you out of the doldrums an brightens up your corner of the world!

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 24″ x 24″  ( 1.5 inch profile)
Ready to hang.

$350 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, provincial sales taxes/gst apply.

Do not use “Checkout”…Please email me at to arrange purchase and shipping or pickup.