Go Deep



Go Deep is a multi-layered acrylic painting on canvas. It began as a musing on the ocean and what kind of ocean “Spirit” might be calling to me.  As I painted words of intention for my life that came to me, I felt Whale coming through as a spirit guide. It felt like a feminine energy,  quiet yet bold, big, and strong.  As I worked on her various expressions that seemed relevant to whale symbolism  emerged:  “go deep”, “communicate freely”, “sing your song”, “trust”, “gentleness”, “strength”, “breathe”, “love”, and “so much wisdom”,  messages good for all of us. Most of these expressions are lettered to be visible on the surface of the image.  Maybe some of this energy and symbolism can now be reflected back to you to be embodied in your own life. Or maybe you can just enjoy her bold colours. She is coated in a satin acrylic varnish with a slight sheen.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 24″ x 36″  ( 1.5 inch profile)
Ready to hang.

$400 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, provincial sales taxes/gst apply.

Do not use “Checkout”…Please email me at mary@marydixon.com to arrange purchase and shipping or pickup.