Green Tara



Green Tara started as part of a challenge with my mentor Whitney Freya, a 22 day process exploring the many aspects of  Tara, considered to be a female Buddha in Tibet and India. She is a representation of divine feminine energy with many facets. She has 22 faces or energies from compassionate to wrathful to abundant, and is a reminder that we are also not one-dimensional and sometimes we need to call upon those different energies within ourselves to deal with confronting situations in our lives.

Green Tara may be best known of all the faces of Tara. She is compassionate, healing , and a protectress. Her right leg hanging down readies her to spring into action to help, she is “compassion in action”. The blue lotus blooms at night, suggesting her aid comes to us in times of darkness. A lotus flower arises from the deep mud and muck and opens into pristine beauty. In painting this Tara I painted elements representing the 22 faces of Tara in the under-layers, some of which remain in the final version. If you feel a connection to her divine energy and many aspects, or just her healing and protective nature, perhaps this Tara can support you.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 24″ x 30″  ( 3/4 inch profile)
Ready to hang.

$375 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, provincial sales taxes/gst apply.

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