Home Is Where I Am (Print)



Home Is Where I Am is a meditation on Turtle symbolism. Turtles are said to represent Mother Earth, patience, being grounded, protection. North America is known as Turtle Island. While somewhat slow on land they are agile and quite fast in water. They are considered peaceful but they have the shell for protection. They suggest being self-contained, as if they carry they home with them, and resilient. Large sea turtles can live up to 80 years, so they are also associated with longevity. There are also said to be 13 sections on a turtles main shell and 28 smaller ones around the edges. Some people associate the number 13 with the “Divine Feminine”, and 28 with the lunar cycle or a woman’s “moon cycle” of 28 days, and there are 13 of these in a calendar year.

Archival Inkjet Print on heavy paper 16″ x 20″ image area, plus white margin for matting.
Shipped rolled in a mailing tube.

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