Queen (or King) of My Heart



Queen (or King) Of My Heart was painted really as a letter of love and appreciation to my self. And now that I have gotten the message (for now) I can pass that intention on to YOU, to remember ALL that you really are, to reflect on all the things you have accomplished or have BEEN, from the HEART, in your life, and to remind you that YOU MATTER! In your own way, you have made a powerful and positive difference in the lives of others in ways you may not even know. This painting was painted as a Note to Self. Whether you need that reminder for yourself or to give to someone else who needs it, the intentions in these layers are to help you remember that you are valued, and you may love and appreciate yourself for all you are. Let your heart be light.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 18″ x 24″,  3/4″ profile.

Ready to hang.

$275 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, provincial sales taxes/gst apply.