What the World Needs Now (SOLD)


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What the World Needs Now was inspired by the human and political events of 2020, the pandemic and a difficult US election that was very polarizing for many people, even beyond that country’s borders. This mandala was created to radiate my prayers for change, and for the values I hope we may all embody and experience in our world, wherever we are. There are of course more values we could aspire to but these are what landed on the canvas. The feather is a symbol for Spirit or Creator, for lifting our prayers up, for helping us fly high and see a higher perspective on things, to see our unity as all of humanity from a higher vantage point. Feathers suggest a lightness of being and heaven knows we could use some lightness in this challenging year. The look of the feathers has a feel of stained glass, with the colours shining  through from the background, suggesting our inner light is coming through to be seen in all of it’s diversity and rainbow colours.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 30″ x 30″  ( 1.5 inch profile)
Ready to hang.

$410 CDN   plus shipping to be quoted. In Canada, and provincial sales taxes/gst apply.

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