Soul Journeys and Past Life Journeys

NOTE: Due to Covid 19 I am not currently doing in-person sessions at the office, but am available online via Zoom conferencing.
A Soul Journey…

is an experience that feels somewhat similar to a guided meditation at first, but goes much deeper. It is a dialogue between you and your coach while you are an a very open and intuitive state.

After some discussion with Mary where she gets to know you and your concerns, you set an intention for what guidance you are seeking. Then Mary guides you safely into a very relaxed, meditative state and coaches you through the entire journey with gentle questions to assist you in finding your own answers and insights. Sometimes a specific scenario is created, an alternate landscape of sorts, for you to journey into, where answers may be found.

In a Soul Journey you can seek a message from a spirit guide or meet a “wise one” that has advice for you; you can examine your relationships with other people, or guidance on a particular situation that is concerning you.

It is a  safe process intended to help you access your own  wisdom on anything you choose. We can call it the heart or the soul’s wisdom. Sometimes it is wrapped and delivered in the guise of a spirit or other being. We never know exactly where a journey will take you. Mary guides with open-ended questions but ultimately what emerges comes from somewhere deep within you, something from your soul that needs to be heard. Mary is not “reading” you.

It should be noted that this style of journey is just one of many tools Mary uses in her life coaching practice, it does not have to be a “one-off” experience although can be used as such for guidance on a specific question. But also with her longer term coaching clients, a Soul Journey or Past Life Journey may be employed as just another technique to access one’s inner wisdom on any issue needing clarity.

Special chakra-attuned essential oil blends may be used to enhance the experience, perhaps gentle music, or we may create your own special “altar” to help set an intention. Sometimes we use oracle cards to provide added insight or confirmation of the messages received.

Whatever focus you choose for your journey in consultation with Mary you will feel nurtured and accepted for who you are and of course, all such work is completely confidential.

Individual Soul Journey (90 minutes) 
$115 (includes taxes) 

Soul Explorer Package:  (3 x 90 minutes) 
$297 (includes taxes)

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Past Life Journey  

Have you ever felt an incredible affinity for a place you’ve never been to or culture you’ve never experienced? Maybe you have a notable talent or interest in something that is totally unrelated to anyone else in their family or your life experience so far.

Or perhaps you experience blocks or repeated patterns of behaviour that you can’t understand. Sometimes even work with a therapist may have failed to find the source in your current history, including childhood experiences. Based on many documented cases by noted psychiatrists and psychotherapists it has been suggested that the answers may not even lie in this lifetime but in a past life that your soul has experienced.

In a Past Life Journey Mary guides you into a very relaxed state that allows you to see what role your soul might have assumed in a past life or lives. Mary does not “read” you and tell you what past life you may have had. As in a Soul Journey, she gently engages you in a dialogue by questioning, to find out what you are seeing, hearing, and sensing in any way that suggests a particular life or way of being. The underlying premise is the concept that we are immortal and infinite souls who reincarnate or take form in this world in order to gain experience and wisdom, adding to the collective consciousness that informs us all.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, or choose to interpret your past life experience as literal or “just your imagination” doesn’t matter. It is ultimately the message or insight that you bring back with you from that journey that can inform and guide you in the present if you are willing to be open to it. Just being aware of something you have “experienced” in a past life can be enough to trigger great changes in this life, even if there is no way to “prove” the “past life”.

Even more remarkably, we may have the option of “going back in” to the past life scenario and changing outcomes, helping to re-write your “history” and therefore change your beliefs about yourself, for a more positive future!

Whatever comes up comes from you, in response to Mary’s questioning. It may be benign, or it may be very profound and emotional.  It may or may not always be clearly a “past life” scenario that we can pinpoint. We’re not trying to find out if you were Nefertiti or Napoleon. But whatever emerges is always a message from the Soul that needs to be heard by you, to guide you now in this lifetime.

Note: I cannot guarantee you will encounter a  recognizable “past life” or that you will journey to an altered state of awareness. But most clients have come away with insight that is helpful. Sometimes it is difficult for some to let go of the thinking and/or skepticism to relax into the journey. And sometimes it takes practice to be able to do so. I will do my best to facilitate a helpful experience.

Individual Past Life Journey (90 minutes)
$115 (includes taxes)

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Session time includes discussion about your intention or question, actual “journey” time is approx. one hour, then we debrief.

Important Disclaimer
Please be advised, Life Coaching, Soul Coaching®, Soul Journeys and Past Life Journeys, Creatively Fit painting workshops , and Reiki healing treatments are not therapy, I am neither a therapist nor a licensed counselor, and these processes are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition, physical, mental or emotional.  If you are under the treatment of a therapist or other mental health practitioner or on any medication for emotional or mental conditions you may be asked to obtain permission from said practitioner to embark on these processes, and if not being treated you will be asked to kindly sign a waiver stating so. –Mary Dixon