Clients say…

One-to-one Coaching and Soul Journeys with Mary…

It was a transformational experience. If you are open to it, amazing insights into yourself and how you react to those around you can be gained. She is an extremely gifted coach. I recommend soul journeying with Mary as your guide to anyone with an open mind and heart. ~ Royce Winsten, N.S.

I appreciate Mary’s work and many times I have reflected on the words she shared with me during several Card Readings, and a Soul Journey. I had always been interested in Mary’s work, but also a bit skeptical; the scientist in me usually keeps me on the edge between the known and unknown worlds. I have to say that the Soul Journey set off a chain reaction of impulses to get to know myself better. From that day forward, I decided to begin to unearth my history and learn from those great life lessons from years ago. My journey is a path of discovery, in which I found, through Mary, a feeling of safety to begin to speak about my experiences. I have decided to write my story down; glimpses of it come and go, and when I can, I put pen to paper. Today, I’m finding that my initial idea about this journey is incorrect:  I thought it would be full of sadness and pain, instead it is full of gratitude and truth. I have forgiven myself, and I have a better appreciation for my journey. Today I’m living more authentically because of the stimulus that Mary and her Soul Journey offered me. ~ Rosmarie Lohnes,  NS

One year ago exactly I was broken. One year ago today I lost myself and felt attacked and unworthy. One year from that I stand in the centre of joy. I am valued, I rediscovered myself, and I am told weekly if not daily how valued I am at work. Thank you! Your role in my life especially in my darkest and most vulnerable brought me to my light. ~ Linda MacPhee, NS

I had a birthday today, got a new job, and celebrating the huge role you played in allowing me to move forward. I will treasure your kindness and talents always. Thank you. […] You were instrumental, sleep happy knowing you make a real difference.  ~ Linda MacPhee, NS

I spent 8 sessions in coaching with Mary to help me overcome a creative block.
 Mary is a considerate, kind and gentle coach who listens carefully to understand the full scope of the issue at hand and what is needed. With that understanding she asks perceptive questions and offers a helpful mix of sensitive inner work coupled with practical concrete guidance. She also suggests other resources that fit well with where you find yourself at any particular moment.
I would recommend Mary to anyone seeking a coach for a deeper understanding of where you find yourself. ~ Susan MacLeod, NS

(and later…) I’ve been accepted to the MFA program at Kings in Creative Nonfiction. I’ll be their first graphic novel. I’m doing it on nursing home care! Thanks for your help in getting me on my way and wish me luck!! ~Susan MacLeod, NS

I woke up this morning feeling a renewed sense of hope and a belief that I could make it through this “challenging” time. 🙂   Quite extraordinary considering that yesterday I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t express myself clearly and wondered if I’d make it through the week […] 
I feel realigned and optimistic…..amazing.  I think you’ve found your true calling! ~Name withheld,  NS

Past Life Journeys with Mary…

Going to a past life is just another step in my exploration of the unconscious world, which for me, opens a doorway to discovering a little more about myself.  I felt very safe and secure as Mary led me through each of two different past lives. I felt present but at the same time I had a knowing that I was somewhere else taking in the information that I needed to hear. Since then I have noticed a change in the way I view an aspect of my life that I have always struggled with. ~J.R.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session last week.  It was transforming!  It did really shift something and help me to see things differently, with a more open mind…. ~B.M.

I wanted to thank you again for the session yesterday. The journey I took reflects, to some extent, what I am going through now in my present life. It gave me hope that it will get better with time, and happiness and calm will eventually surround me. ~G.R.

Mary as a teacher and group coach/facilitator…

I’ve had many teachers over the years – teachers that weren’t in the teaching profession. Your article, and your bravery for sharing as deeply and as genuinely as you did, clearly puts you in a class of life teachers. ~ S.O.

[…] With your teachings, I can better appreciate this Autumn of my life as a time to feel connected to a spirituality I hadn’t before known. Though I didn’t sign up for your course with many preset expectations, I was blown away with the amount of knowledge you’ve shared. I’m humbled and am in awe of the vast potential of wisdom/guidance which is there for the taking. Which has always been there ….. right there. Now to absorb and practice it! Thank you for the nurturing and exhilarating journey. ~ Raylene Samson, NS ( Journey to Spirit program)

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mary. I was on a quest to become more familiar with spirit, in its various forms and not knowing where to look. Mary developed and helped guide me through an individualized program which enlightened me both mentally and emotionally. Her investment into my learning process truly made me appreciate choosing to work with her. She made every lesson special, took the time to prepare a unique physical space so that the theme of the lesson was apparent. She provided reading material, recordings and open-ended communication throughout the course.

Mary’s attention to detail, her dedication to her clients and her gentle personality all make for a very positive experience. Mary has a way with words, she spends a great deal of effort and energy thinking things through so that the client may receive the most out of each experience. I for one could not have been happier with my Journey to Spirit course. I was able to take away so many lessons, practices and experiences that have helped me to focus my energy on the important things in my life. Without Mary’s voice inside of my head, I would not have learned how to ‘slow down and be’. Thank you, Mary  ~Angela McKinnon (Journey to Spirit program) NS

My Soul Coaching® experience was quite incredible…I have become more aware of the effects the things in my environment and people in my life have on me. I’ve become a lot more reflective, positive, and peaceful. I’ve reflected and let go of a lot.. I really had no idea the amount of emotional weight I was carrying… I have had a pretty amazing but intense 7 weeks, I would have to say, the most impactful and empowering month and half since my move to NS. I was feeling quite lost before, insecure at times in my relationship, stressing out, dwelling on my past and very unsure of the path I was meant to be taking [..] Although I didn’t complete all the activities, I’ve learned tons of techniques/skills that I will continue to use everyday. Each individual activity on its own probably wouldn’t have had a big impact on me, but the program as a whole has taught me a tremendous amount about myself, who I want to be and the life that I want to have.

Had I read Denise’s book on my own, I doubt I would have undergone the same changes. Your calm and soothing nature and the positive energy you give off definitely complemented the program and enhanced my experience. Your choice of words, whether it be your thought- provoking and descriptive stories or your inspirational advice, really captured the true meaning behind soul coaching. You provided us with the genuine heartfelt encouragement and support we needed to pursue this journey. Not to mention your home was peaceful, safe and nurturing; the perfect environment for those experiencing any sort of emotions, vulnerability, or fear. Thank you for such an amazing experience.” ~Danielle A., Bridgewater, NS

Hi Mary, You are someone who has inspired me over the years in various ways.  As a photographer and as a spiritual seeker, you have always displayed a sense of fearlessness in that you continue to move forward, whether you are sure or not.  You are always willing to take the leap. As a teacher, you are very caring, just, sensitive to others, and careful not to judge.  You need not be confined to a set of rules, or tools, as you lead.  Continue to follow your heart and your path, showing others as you go.  ~Sue M., QC

Thank you for yesterday Mary. It was awesome. VERY powerful for me. I was in bed last night at 9’ish….really pooped! I did yesterdays and today’s lesson this morning. Wow! Life changing!  Hugs,  ~Cindy, NS

So, I’m ready to acknowledge I’m on the eve of transformation. What that is, I’ve yet to discover but both Hawk and Centaur have filled me with the confidence that I can connect to something larger. I’m growing Mary and I’m so appreciative for your guidance and encouragement on this journey. You’re a beautiful coach. xo  ~RS, NS

Mary’s “Into the HeART of You Painting Workshops”

“I loved the meditations. It was great to start in that space and clear the way for creating. It was great to write the words of intention too. I love that the energy of them is behind the scenes so to speak. I think the whole thing was just wonderful! I’m pleased with the result and look forward to doing this technique again at home with my kids. Thanks for facilitating and bringing this to the area. We can all benefit from this process. ” ~Tera Marshall, NS

And even though Mary’s oracle card sessions are coaching sessions and NOT intended to be predictive readings….

Hi Mary,  One thing that stands out in my mind regarding my experience of having a card reading with you was that you encouraged me to travel alone and participate in a workshop.  I responded a couple of times during my reading that I was not interested in traveling alone….ever.  We kind of giggled and I honestly put that piece of information in the back of my mind.   However, approximately two months later, I found myself traveling unexpectedly to BC with my sister in tow to visit family.

As a surprise, my niece, who we were visiting, had arranged a blown glass workshop for us.  Neither of us were remotely interested in blown glass, but we came home with 3 beautiful pieces of artwork that we had created. The minute my niece announced our surprise workshop, I thought of you.

The experience I had during the card reading was in a very relaxed atmosphere, with my favorite lavender scent and in a colorful, welcoming room.  Mary, you have a very calming and soothing manner and you made me feel comfortable and it was as if I had known you for years. The experience was actually exciting and relaxing at the same time.
 PS…My sister and I traveled to Cuba this winter.  We had a great time together.  ~N.G.,   NS