The Clarity Session Workshop

Where do you crave CLARITY? Clarity creates clear vision, clear direction, and peace of mind. When we worry or stress it is because we do not have clarity around an area in our life. Any change you want to create in your life will happen exponentially when you have clarity around what you really, really, really want.

In this Clarity Session Workshop, you are going to create THREE “Imagination Goals.” You will choose the three things you worry about the most, identify the limiting belief, create a new belief and, then, turn them around into magical dreams of the future that you are about to step into…no matter what!

Imagination is our internal paintbrush of possibility. Many of us have not been taught how to create the images of what we want in our minds. I am going to share with you a way to do this through the healing power of art and symbolism.

PLEASE BRING: Your own journal(s), either a separate writing journal plus an art journal, or an art journal you can also write in.

I suggest for the art part, a Mixed Media journal that has thick pages suitable for markers and watercolours. Locally those are available at Printer’s Corner in Blockhouse, also Walmart. Or at art supply locations in Halifax like Michael’s (Bayers’ Lake) or DeSerres Art Store (Barrington St.)

I will provide: All other art supplies and worksheets.

Workshop length:  2.5 hours (approx., depending on attendance).

Workshop Fee: $45 (includes taxes)

Check our events calendar for upcoming workshops, or gather a group and get in touch and we’ll work out a date! Email me here