Into The HeART of You Painting Workshops

NOTE: NEW changes regarding Covid19 Protocols, click here to read!

Do you need some “me” time?  Do you feel like you need permission to create just for the sake of creating? Have you always been dying to paint but thought you needed to be art-schooled? Or maybe somebody told you you didn’t have an artistic bone in your body (shame on them!) If you are frazzled by all the demands in your life and the news of the world, turn off your phone and join us!

I invite you in to a peaceful and uplifting space of HeART-filled creation! No expectations. No experience necessary. Time to explore, play, dream, and set seeds of intention for your life.


“I loved the meditations. It was great to start in that space and clear the way for creating. It was great to write the words of intention too. I love that the energy of them is behind the scenes so to speak. I think the whole thing was just wonderful! I’m pleased with the result and look forward to doing this technique again at home with my kids. Thanks for facilitating and bringing this to the area. We can all benefit from this process. ” ~Tera Marshall, NS

Did you know that the act of painting on canvas (or paper) could be so much more than just creating an image? That it can be meditation, energy work, and a personal journey at the same time?

  • It can be a moving meditation for the people who can’t sit still, as you enter the flow of creating! You will reap the relaxation benefits! Let go of stress. You may also gain insight and clarity of thought.
  • It can be energy work by imbuing your canvas or journal with the intention and vibration that you wish to focus on to uplift your life! Your finished work becomes a kind of “vision board,” radiating and reminding you of your positive intentions. And just thinking of all those positive thoughts while you paint raises your own vibration, creating more optimism and sense of your own power! Heaven knows we need to keep our vibe high these days!
  • It can also be a revealing journey, as the blank canvas, and the “messy-in-the-middle” canvas-in-process, helps shine a light on where you sometimes find yourself stuck. I will help guide you through all of it in a way that is gentle, relaxing, and affirming.

This new monthly series is called “Into the HeART of You.” Each month you will discover a different theme, with appropriate guided meditations or readings and painting prompts. You get to check in with your own heart, feel what needs to be expressed, and create your own unique piece of art, whether you think you can paint or not.

This is about process more than outcome, and we are definitely not copying one painting. It is not a “how to paint class”. It is more like a “Re-connect with Who You Are” class. And you may be surprised by what you create with our simple, 4-step painting practice.

We dive in, having first created sacred space in our circle.  And then we let our intuition guide us in creating our own unique works of HeART!

Check the  EVENTS CALENDAR for upcoming workshops

  • Please arrive about  15 minutes ahead of scheduled time to get organized
  • guided meditations &/or readings
  • easy-to-learn intuitive painting process
  • all paints and brushes and tools provided (note: see Covid protocols)
  • YOU supply your own canvas (min. 16 x 20″, 18 x 24″ or 20 x 20″-ish) for regular classes, or 24″ x 36″ for “Rise Above” Paint Your Wings workshop.
    Also bring an apron or painting clothes, and a journal and pen for any insights that come.
  • lemonade, coffee/tea, water provided (bring a mug/travel mug per Covid plan.)
  • $75 (taxes included) for “Rise Above” (4 hours, larger canvas)
  • $65 (taxes included) for regular classes (2.5-3 hours, smaller canvas)
  • includes all supplies (acrylic paints, use of tools, brushes, stencils etc. ) and light refreshments, EXCEPT canvas, for one session.

This is about YOU.  “ME time”!! A meditative time-out to let your right brain flow into the world of imagination and possibility and freedom and colour and beauty is calling you.

Unless it is specifically planned for my home garden in Bridgewater in the summer, these will be held  at our Kindred Spirits location 724 King St.,  Bridgewater, NS.